Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Like a Chicken...

...with it's head cut off! That's how I feel lately--running around like mad, flopping this way and that, with so much to do that I can't get anything done! KWIM? I have so much going on since the beginning of July, that it seems I can't stay focused long enough to complete a task because I'm always rushing off to check on something or thinking ahead to other projects I need to get done. And this is EXACTLY why I haven't come on to post recently.

I have tons of new products out, however, so I hope you'll head over to Designs In Digital to checkout my complete store. And I have numerous things in the works! I've left Hot Spot Scraps due to time constraints, but I still have my other 2 stores open and running!

I also have a new blogs in the works, and I'll hopefully be switching over to that real soon. So stay tuned, my patient and loyal fans (how many of you are there now...2, 3? LOL) and I'll post regularly again ASAP!