Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New Look, A New Me!

I've finally done it! I've finally managed to do a little research (and, really, as if it was hard to find the info!) and learn how to change the look of my blog. A bit more sophisticated, perhaps, but definitely more "me." Will I keep it this way? Only time will tell!

But it's a new look for a new me!

The new me is many things...soon to be a second-time-around mother (we're expecting our 2nd little boy at the end of May), trying desperately to scrap those photos collecting dust in my EHD, planning to advertise more and push my products under your nose until you notice them, hoping to be more regular in my kit releases, and praying that I find the time to keep this blog up to date! LOL

The next few months are going to be excitingfor me--both in my personal and on-line lives. I'm going to be forming a new CT to help me out, and did I mention I have both a personal use and a commercial use store now! Yep! Designs In Digital is, of course, still my home for personal use items and I'll be updating my TOU to include S4H/S4O use of my products. Just Digi Layouts, the sister site to Designs In Digital, is the place where I feature my commercial use items. Just textures and paper pattern overlays right now, but I do have some templates and brushes ready and maybe some stock photos from my sister that I'll be adding in the near future!

I hope you'll join me and keep an eye open for a newsletter sign up...still have to look into that!...sometime soon. In the meantime, click on either of the blinkies at the top to see my stores and go shopping!