Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthday Bag #2 Revealed and Birthday Bag #3 in Store!

Yipee! I've made it to Birthday Bag #3!! Check it out in my Designs In Digital store!

I hope to fit one more bag into this month (although it's going to be cutting it close!), so you'll only have until maaaybe nxt Tuesday to snag this goodie bag! After that, it will be revealed and you can still save on getting them all together, but it will be at a bit higher price.

Since I had to make room for this bag in my store, I decided to reveal Birthday Bag #2!!

Want a better look at the products inside? Well, ya know I'm gonna show them to you!

I had so much fun creating these items! Now that I've revealed Birthday Bag #2, maybe you've seen a trend in the types of items I'm sticking inside? Hmmm...maybe that will give you a clue as to the types of items I have in Bag #3?? Still don't like surprises? E-mail me and I'll give you sneak peeks!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday Bag #1 Revealed & Birthday Bag #2 Available!

Have any of you been over to Designs In Digital lately? If not, you might want to head over...I revealed Birthday Bag #1 and it's still for sale at a discounted rate!

Want a better look at what's inside? Here you go:

For the rest of the month, you can get ALL these goodies in a sort of Bargain Buster pack for only $6.00. That's still a HUGE savings over regular store price (especially since I've been toying with the idea of increasing my prices by a few cents), and now you can SEE what you're saving all that money on! After the end of July, however, everything goes into my store as separate items for regular price.

And while you're over there picking up Birthday Bag #1, don't forget to snag Birthday Bag #2!

This one is jam-packed full of more great products, but you won't have as long to snag this one as I plan to reveal it sometime next week in order to try to get back on schedule with this Birthday Bash business!

I'll let you know something else...I'm almost done with Birthday Bag #3 as well! I'm hoping for a release sometime this weekend! So make sure to check back soon!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What a Super-Duper Deal!

Have y'all seen this?

I know what you're thinking...just what I need, another digital place to spend money at! But let me tell you, this is a fab deal! And there's always a lot of fun stuff going on. No don't think that I'm just saying that because I design there! Designs In Digital is fast becoming one of my favorite places to be online. The designers in the store are way talented, the CT does amazing things with the products, so you can see everything "in action", there are TONS of challenges during the month (which works on a point system, so you don't get TOLD what you're winning by completing the challenges. You earn points and then go shopping and decide for yourself what you want!) Don't forget that there's a sale every Friday and, of course, I'm having my own birthday bash celebration there all month long with my own forum for challenges and special grab bags!

It really is a neat place to come visit and this sale for first time shoppers is a perfect excuse to finally come check it out for yourself. And you might want to stick around after the sale because you never know what kind of give-aways or special deals might pop up in our forum just for members! Interested? Send me an e-mail telling me that you're a 1st time shopper and I'll send you the coupon code!